Tobi Law Group

  1. Legitimate Litigation, Decidedly Direct: Tobi Law Group

    Some of the biggest hassles with a legal action comes with the amount of time that must be dedicated to the action. If an out of line employee brings a case against you or if a disgruntled employer makes a claim, it can take up a great deal of valuable time. Conversely, if you are in a position where you need to bring a suit against someone, the last thing that you want is legal representation tha…Read More

  2. What to Look for in a Corporate Litigation Attorney

    We know how difficult it is to trust anyone in the corporate world. However, when it comes to your Westlake Village corporate litigation attorney, you are going to need someone by your side who you can not only count on to get the job done, but you can trust with your affairs on a detailed and private level. Whether you are looking to hire or wondering if your lawyer is cutting it, these are the …Read More

  3. The Litigation Attorney Who Has Your Back

    Because litigation is a long, tiring, and expensive process, our clients are all encouraged to receive a litigation-avoidance session. However, when you are faced with the decision to go through with the trial, you want to make sure you have litigation attorneys by your side who are intelligent, capable, and dedicated to your case. To be the best we can be, we have only the best lawyers who are n…Read More

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide A.C.U.T.E services to each of our clients:


We focus on staying one step ahead and anticipate the legal needs of our clients.


We are quality, efficiency and cost conscious.


We strive to understand clients’ needs so that we are better able to provide solutions to those needs. As such, our practice is to spend more non-billable relationship building time with clients including obtaining constant client feedback.


We provide superior and timely services by highly trained and, thus, more flexible lawyers and staff. We pride ourselves on same day response, through computerization and communications programs.


Recognizing clients’ needs for excellence, each of our lawyers specializes in different areas of law, providing zealous and superior legal representation.