An Entertainment Law Firm with Drive

Dealing with a wide variety of cases which primarily deal with intellectual property, contracts, and agency, an entertainment law firm has to be professional, prepared for anything, and have a wide knowledge base which allows for versatility and quick responses. Our industries reach far past the scope of many law firms, into film, television, radio, music recording, publishing, theater, and sports, and our skills at negotiating with studios, networks, and production companies are not easily surpassed.

These are just a few of the reasons that The Tobi Law Group is the entertainment law firm in Westlake Village driven to help every client. This branch of law is one of the more inclusive divisions, encompassing not only copyright laws, but sports law, music law, and art law. That is why, when it comes to your lawyer, it is always important to see an adaptability to any situation, a confidence in any case, and an ability form a firm relationship with you, so your needs are known and pursued.

Don't settle. Choose an attorney which will fight for you intelligently, respectfully, and efficiently. Those attorneys are found at The Tobi Law Group, your leader in entertainment law. Every client receives treatment that follows our A.C.U.T.E. method, proven to be the most effective in law and the highest rated for customer satisfaction.

If you are an entertainer, an artist, a musician, or an individual who lives on your intellectual property, then contact us today. Scheduling an appointment could be your first step in a life-long partnership where you are protected and defended.