Here at Tobi Law, as an entertainment law firm we get a lot of clients who are musicians and other creatives come through our doors. It's a tough world for musicians today and we want to help them through any road blocks with our practical and creative legal solutions. Today we're answering a common question that we get from musicians: What do I need to put on my Album liner notes, jacket, etc.?

On the cover, you should put: Your bands name, the title of the album, and any artwork that you want to showcase.

On the back cover: Firstly, always credit any artist contributions, writers, producers, and anyone else who has helped you put the album together. Then, list your publishing information: “© [year] [Artist name]”; “(P) [year] [Artist name, or record label name]” (the P should be in a circle just like the © copyright symbol and denotes a copyright in the sound recording). After the publishing information, you should always say, "All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws." Finally, on the back...


We get a lot of the same questions asked by clients and those looking to see if they have a case here at Tobi Law. As an entertainment law firm, we pride ourselves on being able to think outside of the box when providing solutions to our clients. Today we’re answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is a copyright?

A copyright is a form of protection given under law by the United States that gives exclusive rights to the original authors of original works. This can include literary work, dramatic, musical, novels, movies, poetry, songs, computer software, computer architecture, and other certain intellectual work whether it’s published or not. Copyright laws are often misunderstood and while you don’t have to register to claim copyright, there are certain advantages to registering.

What is copyright infringement?

If you use work that is copyrighted without authorization of the author, this is copyright infringement. However, there are circumstances under the fair use doctrine where you can use a sample or quote without permission of the...


Here at Tobi Law Group, we're a professional law firm dedicated to the needs of our clients. With our offices in some of the most creative places in the world, Westlake Village CA and Israel, we pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box while finding practical and creative solutions to your issues. You won't find a better litigation attorney in LA that provides you the skills, value, and focus on your needs as we do. With same day response and complete client communication, you'll love our efficiency and truly feel like you're in great hands.

But how do you know if you need a civil litigation lawyer? Well, if you have to wonder, you probably do. No client should ever have to represent themselves in a court house. We know which cases have a good chance of being successful when you're considering filing a lawsuit and we're totally familiar with all the procedures. We'll make sure you have all your paperwork and homework done beforehand so that you can go into that courtroom feeling confident that your case is going to come out in your favor. Plus, some...


When you call Tobi Law Group and hire them to help you, you're not just hiring some run of the mill law firm. You're hiring a dedicated and results oriented corporate law firm that focuses entirely on you and your needs. Here at Tobi Law Group, we provide you with a practical legal application and an expertise as an entertainment law firm right in Westlake Village, CA. By being able to anticipate your needs, we can stay one step ahead and always ready. Our quality, efficiency, and cost consciousness set us above the rest.

What exactly can you expect from us as an entertainment law firm? Firstly, you should know that we've been representing entrepreneurial production and visual effects companies in various aspects of entertainment and related industries for years. We help them by advising them on entity formation, third party transactions, negotiations, documentation of contracts and leases, corporate governance, employment matters, unfair competition, licensing and technology transfers, intellectual property protection, and much more. You...


Some of the biggest hassles with a legal action comes with the amount of time that must be dedicated to the action. If an out of line employee brings a case against you or if a disgruntled employer makes a claim, it can take up a great deal of valuable time. Conversely, if you are in a position where you need to bring a suit against someone, the last thing that you want is legal representation that does not act quickly enough or that is too slow to take decided blows.

We at Tobi Law take your time too seriously to waste it. Some lawyers may doddle unnecessarily to run up hours on a case, or they take too long from incompetent understanding of the laws surrounding your issue. A corporate litigation law firm like Tobi Law will not act imprudently or indecisively. We work for the people in Westlake Village like no other litigation attorney will.

The reason we act this way is simple: in the professional world, time is of the essence, and there is no reason why you ought to deal with low...


The Tobi Law Group: The Entertainment Lawyer of Westlake Village

Passion drives us through life, and having a passion for what your chosen field of employment is a sign that you have what it takes to succeed. If you work in the entertainment field, sometimes it is more complicated to do what you love than it should be; copyright statements, the fine print of duration contracts—it can be overwhelming. That is why you need the premier entertainment lawyer in Westlake Village.

If you love what you do and you want to do it as free from hampering as you can, then you can call Tobi Law Group. We love what we do when we help you to succeed in film, television, radio, music recording, publishing, theatre, and sports.

You are expected to perform as perfectly as you can in your chosen field. You can expect us to strive for perfect representation, and all for you. Pouring your heart and soul into a project is something you can understand, and so can we. We may not show up to depositions with a full...


Getting into the courtroom with a civil lawsuit can be a long and tiresome process, especially for someone who is unprepared for the steps that are taken. Keep in mind that this is just a general explanation of the process which will be unique for every plaintiff and defendant, and your litigation attorney in Westlake Village should explain your personal case in detail.

  1. The civil action. This is given as a formal written complaint on the behalf of the plaintiff detailing how the defendant has wronged the plaintiff. Usually a litigation attorney will write this document and it is often delivered to the defendant with a written summons to court.
  2. Commencement. This action is commenced, or given a court date and a case, either when the complaint is filed or when the civil action is delivered. The way that this step works is different in different states. However, because the plaintiff is forbidden from delivering the summons and complaint personally, if a state requires the action to be commenced upon delivery, then it often takes...

Here at Tobi Law Group, we’re completely dedicated to your needs and goals as a client. We pride ourselves in our ability to think outside of the box and anticipate your needs so that we can come up with a solution that totally works for you. As the corporate litigation law firm Westlake Village residents have come to trust, we know the ins and outs of the formation and maintenance of corporate entities and we work hard to defend your rights according to the law.

By definition, corporate litigation is providing counsel and legal representation as a pseudo-person in lawsuits to business enterprises without it directly affecting the owners or stock-holders. We see cases in corporate litigation that involve everything from business partnerships to international corporations, as well as those people who work for those organizations or people who owe a fiduciary duty to them or benefit from them. Many business go through us to use corporate litigation in the area as an enforcement tool and it works quite well. For example, we help a lot of companies draft non-compete agreements...


We know how difficult it is to trust anyone in the corporate world. However, when it comes to your Westlake Village corporate litigation attorney, you are going to need someone by your side who you can not only count on to get the job done, but you can trust with your affairs on a detailed and private level. Whether you are looking to hire or wondering if your lawyer is cutting it, these are the five things to look for in a corporate litigation attorney:

  1. Experience. While its true that having a level of intelligence is necessary for any attorney, in the realm of corporate law, having a lawyer who knows the way around a courtroom is not only suggested, it is imperative.
  2. Qualifications. This goes hand in hand with experience, but it says even more. There is no real way to anticipate what your business will have to face in the coming years, so hiring a law group who is able and qualified to serve you in several aspects of corporate law will always benefit you in the end.
  3. You first. This is a mentality that you should never...

Dealing with a wide variety of cases which primarily deal with intellectual property, contracts, and agency, an entertainment law firm has to be professional, prepared for anything, and have a wide knowledge base which allows for versatility and quick responses. Our industries reach far past the scope of many law firms, into film, television, radio, music recording, publishing, theater, and sports, and our skills at negotiating with studios, networks, and production companies are not easily surpassed.

These are just a few of the reasons that The Tobi Law Group is the entertainment law firm in Westlake Village driven to help every client. This branch of law is one of the more inclusive divisions, encompassing not only copyright laws, but sports law, music law, and art law. That is why, when it comes to your lawyer, it is always important to see an adaptability to any situation, a confidence in any case, and an ability form a firm relationship with you, so...


Because litigation is a long, tiring, and expensive process, our clients are all encouraged to receive a litigation-avoidance session. However, when you are faced with the decision to go through with the trial, you want to make sure you have litigation attorneys by your side who are intelligent, capable, and dedicated to your case.

To be the best we can be, we have only the best lawyers who are not only brilliant with backgrounds and education in law, but we train them to be clever, quick, and trustworthy so you can feel confident knowing you have what it takes to protect your rights.

To give you the best value, we evaluate each case not only to get you what you deserve, but for a competitive price. To do this, we offer several different fee options, which are offered differently to each unique case.

When it comes to litigation, nobody understands the pace, the intelligence, and the information...